Client experience

Being a former athlete and personal trainer, I was unhappy with myself that I had drifted away from exercise (which had always been a huge part of my life) during the past five years. I felt weak and stiff and was at the point where I had thought another knee surgery was right around the corner. 

I started working with Jessica and found out early on she was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. She had a specific plan for me and I entrusted her with techniques and methods I had never been exposed to before. 

In the course of working with her I have dramatically increased my core strength, lost weight, and my knee feels better than it has in years. Her relentless pursuit of proper technique and mechanics has allowed me to progress toward my goals in a safe and fun manner. I’m excited to see what more progress we can achieve! ~ Preston K.


After struggling with severe shin-splint pain that left me unable to run competitively for over a year, I pursued a referral to work with Jessica Frattalone. Jessica developed a restorative fitness program for me that brought balance to my body and improved my running mechanics. During weekly training sessions, she was very good at making very slight, specific adjustments to how I moved to ensure that I was firing the desired muscle groups at the right time which would support and protect my lower extremities while running. In addition, I developed the strength necessary to facilitate more efficiency and power. Jessica is confident in her skills, and I found her positive energy and attitude to be motivational. After training with her for a couple of months, I was able to overcome my injury and reach my goal time in the Twin Cities Marathon.  ~ George M.


My 15 year old son started working with Jessica because he was experiencing pain on the soccer field. Jessica encouraged us to seek out a physical therapist and he was soon diagnosed with Osgood Schlotter’s. Jessica was able to help him gain the strength in his core and knee stabilizers as well as develop techniques in the gym necessary to help him get back to the soccer field with a renewed sense of confidence and strength. Within 8 months, his pain was significantly reduced and was completely resolved within a year. It has been two and a half years since he first trained with Jessica. What once involved a lot of effort and learning for him, has become a great work out he enjoys (and we too) can trust.  ~ Patrice P.


I just cannot say enough about how much Jessica has helped me. Prior to starting my sessions with her, I had years of low-back pain, largely due to my work as a nurse-wife, requiring much leaning over during the past 34 years. Within a few weeks of starting my training, my back pain fully resolved. I feel as though my posture has undergone a huge change for the better. She did an excellent job of listening to my goals and tailoring a program of exercise to suit me perfectly. One of the best things about working with her is that she is extremely careful about watching me perform each exercise and ensures I feel the desired muscle group with each move I make. I cannot recommend her enough.  ~ Georgeanne C.


I have been training with Jessica for almost two years. Our weekly sessions are tailored to focus on my goals and contain so much variety that I look forward to exercising for the first time in my life! As my goals change and progress over time, the workouts she creates change with me. With her help, I have gained a confidence and a self-assurance that I've never had before. The flexible scheduling and no-drama environment make it easy and natural to show up each time. Jessica has helped me make healthy lifestyle choices and changes.  ~ Karah H.


A friend recommended I train with Jessica as I'd been dealing with on-and-off piriformis pain for years. I found her technique so beneficial, I sent my son to train with Jessica after he injured himself playing soccer. We are now pain-free after just a few months of training with Jessica.

Jessica's approach is comprehensive, addressing each individual’s needs. She zones in on the muscles that may be weak or 'not doing their job' to make sure we develop the strength and stabilization foundational to everything else we do.  

Jessica is very professional, demonstrating proper form for each exercise, explaining thoroughly its purpose, and making sure you are in ideal position down to the inch!

Many aspects of your training sessions, regarding proper movement and posture, will work their way into your daily life.

Jessica is fully committed to her job. This is evident in the way she individualizes each client's program, depending on strength, fitness level and goals.  ~ Jenny C.


After a year-long struggle with health issues and not a lot of progress I decided to try to add exercise back in to my life to gain some strength. I was so lucky to find Jessica, she has really helped me feel better, gain strength, fix issues, and stay at it. I really didn't know what to expect of a personal trainer, but what I found is this: Jessica is incredibly dedicated to helping others overcome injury and weakness and has an infectious positive attitude which goes a long way. She is great at developing a solid and executable plan for each individual, and she's a super keen observer, making sure the exercises are done correctly for maximum benefit and minimum injury. She knows her stuff too, I have total confidence in her ability to identify issues and tailor an appropriate plan. She's a very valuable resource and I definitely recommend working with her.  ~ Nancy G.F.


Jessica started as my trainer, but ended up as a friend who cares about my health, mind, and body. 

I am not an athlete and I have never worked with a personal trainer.  I expected a personal trainer to run me through exhausting circuits of jump rope and heavy weights.  Therefore, I am constantly amazed at how slow, but carefully executed movements, lead to incredible body conditioning.  It is clear that Jessica has a depth of knowledge because she makes sure each exercise (from body alignment to breathing) is done correctly for maximum benefit.  

While my original goal was weight loss, Jessica somehow shifted my focus to strength and athleticism.  She has helped me feel better and gain strength and more appreciation of my body. I look forward to every appointment to get a boost not only from moving, but also from her positivity!

I would recommend Jessica to people of all ages and stages on one’s health and fitness path. ~ Kate


Jessica is passionate and knowledgeable. She watches closely and listens carefully. She’s upbeat and encouraging. She’s seemingly on a mission to do what is in the best interest of EACH INDIVIDUAL client. This requires deep knowledge, more-than-typical time and preparation on her part, and constant presence throughout the sessions. 

A little background: I’d seen Jessica for years in passing, as our kids attended the same school and played in the same youth sports associations. It wasn’t until a grocery store aisle conversation nearly a year ago, that she shared a bit about her personal training. Most anything fitness-related piques my interest, but I love my daily morning runs and am a tough sell on anything scheduled and/or indoors. I have four kids and run a small business…definitely not looking to put one. more. thing. on the calendar. But I decided to give it a try to build strength and get balanced. Not only is this being achieved, but issues from old sports injuries seem to be melting away. My perception is that Integrative Fitness Mpls could be a great match for anyone, of any age, at any fitness level, as it’s so tailored to you and your individual goals. Good luck! ~ Angie G